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Offering support to help the employee and their family make the move from their current location stress free.






Household Goods Removals

We outsource a top-class service provider to take care of your employees valued possessions without any conflict of interest. With our House Hold Goods clients, it is critical that their belongings arrive safe, on time and without any fuss. From individual quotes to tariff tables, we manage the best suppliers to deliver at the most competitive rates, with

discounts that are not normally available to the general public.

Outright Purchase Scheme


We are the only relocation company in the United Kingdom to offer a no risk, fixed cost home sale scheme. This scheme protects you from financial loss on the sale of your employee’s home. Previously, guaranteed purchase schemes left the company with a significant capital spend but no guarantee of obtaining the purchase price of the property. With the no risk, fixed cost homesale scheme, we buy the employee’s home as a straight forward purchase. This guarantees no risks and the whole process is generally complete within a couple of weeks.

Guaranteed Homesale Scheme

A guaranteed homesale means that the company provides a guaranteed price for their employee’s current home. The employee can then look for a new home in the new location before the old home has been sold. Global Employee Mobility manages the whole process. We endeavour to get you the best sales price for the employee’s  property. Through the network of suppliers we have, we can procure and manage everything from estate agents, solicitors, removals, to managing vacant property and maintenance.

Managed Homesale  Scheme

We provide a tailored service to help the employees or groups of employees, to sell their property. Depending on their needs, our services can range from giving advice over the phone to managing the whole selling process.

We advise the assignees on the most effective way of marketing their home to maximise the price achieved, whilst our regular reviews let you know if your employee is actively progressing with the move and help you to control costs.           


Our Managed Homesale Scheme provides valuable support to both you and your employee. However, it is worth noting that until the property is sold, temporary accommodation support may be required. Global Employee Mobility can provide this through our Property Services and can include home search services, serviced accommodation booking and management and if the employee decides to rent out their existing home, tenancy management support.

Property Inspections

Presentation, price and the right marketing strategy are critical to ensure a successful house sale. Throughout our careers, we at Global Employee Mobility have helped thousands of people to move. We know exactly what to do to achieve the best price for the property and in a timescale to suit you. If your employee is having trouble selling their home, ask us to carry out an independent property review. Whether the house is occupied or vacant we will be able to advise you on how to generate interest and make that sale.

Rental Management

If the assignee decides to keep the existing property in the old location, we can manage the rental process for them whilst they are away.

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