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International Services 

International Relocation Management Services involve coordinating and facilitating the complex process of relocating employees or individuals to a new country. Utilizing a relocation management company offers several benefits, such as streamlined logistics, expert knowledge of immigration and visa procedures, and personalized assistance for individuals and their families. These services often encompass housing arrangements, cultural orientation, and ongoing support, ensuring a smooth transition for the relocating individual and optimizing their productivity in the new environment. Additionally, a relocation management company can help companies manage costs efficiently and enhance their global mobility programs, ultimately contributing to a successful and stress-free international relocation experience.

Services include:


Visa and Immigration Assistance:

Guidance and support in navigating visa requirements and immigration processes for the destination country.


Destination Services:


Assistance with finding suitable housing, schools, and amenities in the new location, along with local area orientation.


Cultural Training:


Programs to help individuals and families adapt to the cultural nuances and customs of the new country.


Language Support:


Language training or resources to facilitate effective family communication in the destination country.


Logistics and Moving Services:

Co-ordination of the physical move including packing, shipping, and customs clearance for all household goods.


Settling-in Support:


Practical assistance with tasks like opening bank accounts, obtaining local IDs, and connecting utilities.


Spousal and Family Support:

Services catering to the needs of the family members, addressing concerns related to education, healthcare, and social integration.


Repatriation Assistance:

Planning and support for the eventual return to the home country, including logistical arrangements and readjustment support.


Global Compensation and Tax Consultation:

Expertise in managing international compensation packages and providing guidance on tax implications.


Ongoing Support:


Continued assistance and resources to help individuals and families adapt to their new environment, addressing any challenges that may arise during the relocation process.

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