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Destination Services

Helping the employee and their family settle in the new location. With our tailored support packages, we can look after all aspects of the relocation that are often forgotten about, including:


Our consultants will spend the day with the employee and their family at the new location, advising them of all the benefits of moving to the area, including amenities, facilities and housing.

Like 4 Like Reports

When moving, your employee may need to assess the value of their old home in the new location. At Global Employee Mobility, we can carry out this assessment for you. Using detailed demographic information combined with in-depth property research we ensure you and your employee are confident that the value agreed is current and fair. Our report can be used in support of a mortgage or rental differential application and as a market comparison for Stamp Duty Land Tax.

Home Search 

Home Search

Researching availability of suitable property and providing the employee with advice on the most suitable locations to live in. Accompanying the employee and family in viewings and securing the property for them at

the best price possible


Global Employee Mobility will manage the securing of the property for the employee along with paying, if required, any admin charges that may be applied to enhance the service and speed up the moving process.

Check in/out

Tenancy Management

We ensure that you and your employee are not signing up to restrictive tenancy agreements, we advise on procedures, processes and managing the dates for move in.

Settling in Support

Once moved, we help the employee with any aspect of settling in to the new area, this will include opening bank

accounts, changing of utility accounts, registering with doctors and dentist, sourcing of particular items that the

family may need.

Serviced Apartments

We obtain formal condition reports on the condition of the new property when the employee moves, giving

a detailed account of any issues that may exist and supporting the resolution of those issues to enhance

the experience for the employee when moving to a new location, as well as looking after your interests at all times.

You can make use our knowledge and experience to book your employees serviced apartment.

Education Support

Education support is sometimes more critical to employees than finding the right new house. With

stringent controls on catchment areas and the varying quality of schools available, finding the right school is of paramount importance. With our support, your employee will be provided with all the information they need to make the right choice for their children’s education.

Expense Management

Tracking expenses is a critical part of the relocation process. When part of a company sponsored move, relocation expenses are considered beneficial to the employee. As such, they are governed by HMRC rules.

Companies operate different policies when it comes to tax tracking and the payment of tax liabilities. By not tracking or incorrect tracking of these expenses, you could face significant penalty payments being enforced by HMRC.

Spouse Counselling

We can support and advise your employee’s spouse on the best way of finding new employment in the new area or host country, including CV writing, interview coaching and general advice and support.

Immigration Support

With the ever changing legislation surrounding immigration, we can ensure that you, your assignees, and their families are supported through the legal complexities of obtaining the right visas etc. Getting this wrong can be a costly mistake so rest assured we will act in your best interests at all times.

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