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A bit about us and  our journey so far.......

Global Employee Mobility (GEM) was set up to offer a different approach to relocation services, offering tailored options to suit individual client needs.


As the founder with over 30 years experience in the industry, I would be delighted to discuss your

relocation needs and offer you the full support of GEM and our network of professional consultants.

The directors and staff of Global Employee Mobility have been working in employee relocation services for over 50 years.

At Global Employee Mobility, we make it easier and quicker for our client to move their staff around the globe in an efficient, and cost effective way in order to meet the key strategic aims of your business.

We are different from other employee relocation management companies as we make your goals achievable and the support that we provide is unique to you. Whether you’re relocating one member of staff or a whole team, whether it’s an international or a national move, we provide the complete range of global employee relocation services with the focus to reduce your costs and exceed expectations.


exceed your expectations and provide transparency in all that we do. With us, you will receive genuine value for money and a service that is whole-heartedly dedicated to making a move easier and stress-free. We challenge you, to challenge us on our core values.

Whether you are managing an individual or large group move for corporate relocation, you can be sure of the following:

• Comprehensive control of costs.

• Maximum use of tax allowances.

• Straightforward purchasing through one supplier

• A single point of contact who provides assistance every step of the way.

• A move that is swift and stress-free so that you and your staff can get back to work without delay.

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